Jacksonville Jaguars Week 2 Power Rankings: Still at the bottom


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The Jacksonville Jaguars

put forth a dismal performance

in their week 1 loss to the Carolina Panthers, not showing anyone the improvement we expected to see after a busy offseason and a stellar preseason. The team that stepped on the field on Sunday

looked eerily similar

to the same squad that never found a rhythm offensively in 2014 and failed to play consistently. This is a young team that is still making backbreaking mistakes and it cost them a chance at a win against an underwhelming Carolina squad.

Here’s where the Jaguars fell in some of the power rankings around the web after a disappointing season opener:


"29. Jacksonville Jaguars The Jaguars were looking to enter this season with more hope than they ever have, but the same mistakes seemed to plague them in their Week 1 loss to the Panthers. Blake Bortles threw a late pick that swung the momentum back to the Panthers and it was something that Jaguars fans are all too used to seeing over the years.While it was a loss in Week 1, there were a few things to like about the Jaguars.They might have finally found a running back in T.J. Yeldon and not everything was awful about Bortles start. But there’s a lot of work that needs to happen before the Jaguars are a competing franchise in the NFL — but the AFC South is still wide open and Jacksonville has a chance to right the wrongs and turn it around."


"31. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (0-1) HIGH: 31 / LOW: 31Blake Bortles regressed back to 2014 regular season form when faced with real schematic pressure and he failed to get the Jaguars’ best offensive playmaker — Allen Robinson — involved. The Jaguars will need to find a way to be more consistent on offense."


"30. JaguarsThe Jags’ offense is dominated by youth as 92 percent of the team’s scrimmage yards Sunday were gained by players with three or fewer years of experience. Unfortunately, that led to only nine points."

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco

"28. JaguarsThat was not a good start to what’s supposed to be an improved team. The offense wasn’t very good against Carolina."

CBS Sports – Pat Kirwan

"29. Jaguars :This team will go as Blake Bortles goes, and he didn’t look very good in Week 1. His receivers dropped some balls, but he’s now thrown five pick-six’s in 14 career starts."

NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

"28. JaguarsFor all the chatter about Blake Bortles and the young offense, all we saw in Week 1 was nine stinkin’ points. The second half was particularly sucky: pick-six, punt, punt, punt, interception, turnover on downs. Gus Bradley’s defense held the fort, but the cannons need to occasionally fire."

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