Jacksonville Jaguars lose to Panthers 20-9


The Jacksonville Jaguars lost the 2015 regular season opener to the Carolina Panthers, falling 20-9.

The Jacksonville Jaguars showed a serious need for improvement through the game, struggling with missed opportunities and an inability to get the Carolina Panthers offense off the field.

A missed field goal by Jason Myers, a missed extra point by Myers, a fumble by wide receiver Allen Hurns in the red zone, and a Blake Bortles interception returned for a touchdown were all key moments in this game. It was a messy affair with poor play from both offenses, but the Jaguars managed to hurt themselves enough to give the Panthers the ability to win the game.

The game was secured at 20-9 for the Panthers with about 2:30 left on the clock when they secured their second Blake Bortles interception off a tipped pass.

The Jacksonville Jaguars came out completely flat in this game. Players expected to step up – including wide receiver Allen Robinson and Bortles – failed to impress, showing that the improvement in the preseason was not to be trusted.

The Carolina Panthers, to their credit, managed to look like a superior team in the second half of the game. They came up with the key opportunities that separates rebuilding franchises like the Jaguars from the playoff teams.

It is incredibly frustrating to watch the Jaguars come out to flat. The defense was doing enough to limit Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers offense through three quarters but kept seeing their better play squandered by an offense that could complete less than 30% of their third downs.

The defense finally broke down in the fourth quarter, allowing the Panthers to put the nail in the coffin with a field goal after marching down the field for nearly half of the quarter’s length.

It’s a tough start and the Jaguars fans deserve better.

Head coach Gus Bradley and general manager Dave Caldwell are now 7-26 in their time at the helm.

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