Allen Robinson Fantasy Football: A must own WR?


As the 2015 regular season gets underway, players like Allen Robinson continue to get their hype pushed to near-unbelievable levels.

Not that he and others don’t deserve it.

Without a single snap for the vast majority of players at this point, we simply don’t know if a player is a lock or if he someone you’d rather have riding your bench.

Still, I proclaimed Allen Robinson one of those players that simply belongs on your fantasy football team. I stand by that because all of the indications are that Robinson is going to have a breakout year both for the Jacksonville Jaguars and for your fantasy football team.

Others have taken it even further, however. Justin Winn at RotoViz has declared Allen Robinson to not only belong on your fantasy football team, but to be the must own wide receiver for 2015.

"Last season, Jon Moore made the case that not only was Allen Robinson a first round talent, but the best WR in the 2014 class. Jon was banging the Robinson drum earlier and harder than anyone else- if he weren’t traveling the world right now I imagine he’d be writing this article instead of myself. Jon cites Robinson’s amazing age-adjusted production, and points out how he compares favorably to Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, Dez Bryant, Hakeem Nicks, and Kenny Britt."

Winn also dives in and says that players like Robinson only break out once and you need to get on the hype train, sit down next to him, and immediately draft the young wide receiver (paraphrased).

Is that the truth? Will Robinson breakout once and you’ll only be seen as wise in your fantasy football league if you draft him this year?

I’m not certain we’ll see Robinson break out this once, then be a top-10 wide receiver for the rest of his career. I’m not certain we’ll see him break out to such a massive extent that everyone wants him on their teams next season. Apparently, current holders of Allen Robinson don’t want to give the talented wide receiver up (who can blame him) as they clutch to his hype as if it were tangible fantasy football points.

At this point, it’s clear Allen Robinson could be in for a special breakout season both in fantasy and real life. I’ll leave it to writers like Winn to declare whether he’s a must own prospect or not because, frankly, I think this is a good example of hype getting a bit out of control.

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