Jaguars vs Panthers is a winnable game for Jacksonville


Jaguars vs Panthers may seem like a lopsided matchup, at least if you consider the Carolina Panthers as a playoff team and not as a 7-8-1 team.

Fortunately for most of us who have paid attention to the Jacksonville Jaguars through the offseason, we know that this Jaguars vs Panthers matchup is definitely winnable, especially with the way injuries are turning out and how much better Blake Bortles has looked so far this preseason.

Michael DiRocco over at ESPN recently re-evaluated his selections of all the games for the Jacksonville Jaguars and came to this conclusion:

"I picked the Jaguars to win this game in April, and I feel even better about their chances now that the Panthers won’t have WR Kelvin Benjamin (torn ACL). Carolina won the NFC South last season, but they were 7-8-1 in the worst division and had a playoff victory over an Arizona team that was without its starting running back and was on its fourth quarterback."

DiRocco picked the Jaguars to win this game 27 to 24.

No matter what hype you hear through the preseason, no matter what hype you hear in the build up to this game, the best thing to do is to look at what is going on on paper. Both the Jaguars and the Panthers are coming in injured. They are two teams separated by just 4.5 games last season. Both have new pieces on their offensive lines. Both are lacking playmakers in the middle of their defensive lines.

This game is much closer than many people portray it as being. It certainly isn’t going to be a 31-6 slaughter as others have been anticipating.

The Jaguars have a legitimate shot to open the 2015 season 1-0 with a victory at home. This Jaguars vs Panthers game gives them the opportunity to start off on the right foot.

Just keep in your mind that this game, no matter what the outcome actually is, is one of the winnable ones this season.

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