Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Carolina Panthers: Keep Your Enemies Close – 5 Questions with Cat Crave

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are gearing up for their first real game of 2015 as they host the Carolina Panthers this Sunday at Everbank Field.

This is probably the biggest opening week for the Jaguars in at least 3 years, as the team finally has the talent to compete with the better teams in the league.

To get some intel on the Panthers heading into Sunday, we pinged our friends over at Cat Crave and asked editor Chris Schafer a few questions. Here’s what he had to say, as well as my take on his responses as I try out a new format.

1. The Panthers are going through a rough stretch of injuries. Whose absence is going to hurt the most against the Jaguars?

"Obviously, it is Kelvin Benjamin.  He was the #1 wide receiver and after last year having a 1000-yard season, it is going to be hard to replace.  Right now it is the ‘committee’ approach, but that can be iffy.  Brown and Ginn were named starters for week 1, but if those are the same two by week 4 starting, it will be a surprise."

My take:

The Panthers are hurting at multiple spots on the roster, but I agree with Chris on the loss of Benjamin. The Panthers don’t have anyone else who can duplicate Benjamin’s skillset. The team apparently still doesn’t trust rookie Devin Funchess enough to start him, and Philly Brown and Ted Ginn Jr. don’t really strike fear in opposing defenses. The Jaguars should be able keep the Carolina passing attack in check.

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