Blake Bortles among Jacksonville Jaguars captains for 2015


Blake Bortles will be among four captains for the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2015 NFL season.

Bortles, Marcedes Lewis, Paul Posluszny, and Bryan Anger were named the team’s captains this week.

It’s another step forward for the young quarterback who continues to showcase his leadership week in and week out.

Blake Bortles is expected to carry the Jaguars and as the team develops he continues to step forward, shouldering the load. Last season he was an exciting rookie. This season he is expected to act and play like a team leader.

Naming Marcedes Lewis to the list of captains was also a nice reminder that the Jacksonville Jaguars value the tight end. One of the few distinguished veteran (read: old) talents on a roster filled with young guys, Lewis has managed to settle nicely into his new role backing up scoring threat Julius Thomas at tight end.

Lewis isn’t the only distinguished vet to get the honor, however. Paul Posluszny, who is the captain of the defense, also came away honored as a captain for the 2015 Jaguars. His leadership has been invaluable for the Jags as they continue their extensive rebuild.

Punter Bryan Anger rounds out the group, bringing experience to the special teams front.

Head coach Gus Bradley had this to say about the captains on Monday:

"We had a lot of guys get votes, which was different than the last couple of years. It’s going to take everybody, though. We talk that leadership involves everybody. Being a captain, what a great opportunity for these guys. It shows the respect the players have for them. They know what they can count on in good times and bad times. There’s a certain responsibility that comes with it."

It’s good to see the Jaguars turning to a mix of younger talent and established veterans for leadership. Bortles in particular has an immense hand in how the 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars perform.

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