Sergio Brown: Promising a ‘savage’ defense


Sergio Brown is getting ready for his first season with the Jacksonville Jaguars and he’s already brought some much needed attitude to a defense that has quietly improved. Head coach Gus Bradley is a defense-minded coach and his work to revamp the Jaguars defense has faced a lot of scrutiny, especially since it just doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi that his Seattle Seahawks defense had.

Guys like Sergio Brown could change that.

Coming to the Jaguars in free agency this offseason, Brown has brought some pizzaz that may be just what the team is lacking. You need only look at Brown’s Ric Flair impression to see how his personality can permeate the Jags defense.

Brown’s attempting to use that personality to spark the Jaguars defense to jump up from the lower half of the league and become something more. He’s been on more winning teams than not and he’d like to make sure the Jags are another successful stop for his career.

To that end, Brown is promising that people will be talking about the ‘savages’ on the Jaguars D. It’s a nice monicker for a defense, but Brown and company must prove that they are worthy of some title so they don’t end up like the Jaguars “bushmen” from the later Jack Del Rio days (remember those 26 sacks they had in all of 2010?).

While I’m all for Brown bringing some attitude to the defense, the Jags have to prove it on the field before they can become something comparable to the “Seattle South” defense we saw budding early in Bradley’s tenure with the Jags.

It’s up to guys like Sergio Brown, Dan Skuta, Jared Odrick, and others to spark some life into this Jags defense and help them get over the hump to become something more competitive.

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