Jacksonville Jaguars: Cultivating that winning feel


The Jacksonville Jaguars have been considered an up and coming team ever since head coach Gus Bradley came to town. His infectious optimism and energetic approach to everything has made other NFL teams and media take notice.

While the results have yet to come (Bradley is bogged down with a 7-25 record in two seasons – the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to create a culture of winning. It’s easy for teams to get depressed when they aren’t winning very many games, but Bradley has tried his hardest to keep the Jaguars going together toward a common goal.

That winning feeling is not reflected in the record (so far) but it is certainly noticeable.

Recent free agent addition Sergio Brown is slotted to start at free safety – assuming he isn’t beat out by injured rookie James Sample – and comes from teams that are accustomed to winning, and so far he thinks that the Jaguars have that winning feel. The Daily Mail quotes him from his recent time coaching children in London, saying, “I don’t believe in being a development team or anything like that, I’ve always been on winning teams and in the time I’ve been at the Jags it feels exactly the same…With the coach we have, the culture he has there, I can’t think any other way than that we will win games next season.”

If you don’t trust Brown because he doesn’t have a long time starting in the NFL, just look back on the records of the teams he has been with. Originally with the New England Patriots, Brown was with the squad from 2010 to 2011 where Bill Belichick and company went 27-5. He next went to the Indianapolis Colts, staying with them for three seasons. During those three seasons, the Colts amassed an impressive 33-15 record.

Brown has seen success in the NFL. He knows the culture and he feels the same type of culture here in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the rise. They’re doing everything right and things may finally fall into place for Gus Bradley and company. Hopefully that winning feeling finally brings results.

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