Prowling the Web: Julius Thomas Gives Jags High Grade


Julius Thomas makes news for his addition to the Jacksonville Jaguars in today’s crop of articles on the Jags.

Julius Thomas and Doug Marrone Gives the Jacksonville Jaguars a High Grade – ESPN

"Best move: Without a doubt it was the addition of tight end Julius Thomas, who caught 108 passes for 1,275 yards and 24 touchdowns the past two seasons with the Denver Broncos. He’s not likely to match that production because his team’s quarterback isn’t veteran Peyton Manning anymore, but second-year Blake Bortles. However, Thomas does give the Jaguars the kind of player they haven’t had since receiver Jimmy Smith retired following the 2005 season: a go-to playmaker."

53-man Jacksonville Jaguars Roster Prediction – Big Cat Country

"We’re officially done with Jacksonville Jaguars mini-camp and the players are going back home, visiting with family, or spending time with friends before training camp starts in July.That means it’s once again time to make a prediction on the 53-man roster based on what we’ve been able to see on the football field."

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason State of the Union – Bleacher Report

"The team seems much improved in a lot of different areas from last year. While the progress is encouraging, the Jaguars have a long road ahead before can they start competing for the AFC South title.It’s not easy to revamp and basically build a team from the ground up, but general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley are doing it the right way. It isn’t a quick process, and the organization and its fans have realized this reality."

Jacksonville Jaguars Searching for an End to the Sack Drought – Fox Sports

"The last Jaguar to reach double digits was former defensive Bobby McCray, who had 10 sacks in 2006. As ESPN’s Mike DiRocco pointed out, Jacksonville’s pass rush has been the worst in the NFL over the last eight seasons. The Jaguars recorded just 233 sacks between 2007-2014.And it’s not for lack of trying at the defensive end position. The team has spent high draft picks on the likes of Derrick Harvey and Andre Branchand brought in free agents like Aaron Kampman, to no avail."

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