Allen Robinson Will be the Jags’ Next Big Star


Allen Robinson could be the first 1000 yard receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars since Jimmy Smith.

Perhaps more importantly, he could the first star at wide receiver since Smith as well.

Having a 1000 yard receiver is important. Having a receiver who can put up points is important, too. Anything productive from the wide receiver position is a win for the Jaguars and an important step for the Jaguars offense.

Having a certified star on the team would be a big step for the franchise.

Superstars are few and far between. For every Terrell Owens, we get 50 (give or take a few) Matt Joneses. The Jaguars had stars at running back with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. They’re both gone now and the last year showed how much star power was lacking from the franchise.

Robinson may finally be in a position to change that.

The Jaguars are going to go wherever quarterback Blake Bortles takes them, but Robinson may prove to be the more visible second year player for the young team. He is getting praise from the Jaguars, from the media, and speculation is running wild right now. It is no longer about him being a successful part of the offense, it’s about him lifting the offense up. If Allen Robinson can do that from the wide receiver position on a team struggling to come together, then he is completely worthy of being a star in this league

Even if he doesn’t eclipse 1000 yards in 2015, I’m calling it now: Allen Robinson will be the Jags’ next big star. He’s got the right attitude, valuing hard work over hard living. He’s got the right rapport with a young quarterback who will only grow. He’s ready to be something for the Jaguars and whether 2015 sees him eclipse 1000 yards or not, he’s going to prove his worth the organization by becoming something special: a star.

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