Prowling the Web: Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Are the Worst


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ESPN Uni Watch Power Rankings Put the Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys as Worst – ESPN

"You know, the superhero jersey isn’t bad, and the Jags’ color scheme has always been underrated. But there’s no getting around it: This is the worst helmet in NFL history, and everything else in this uniform set is subordinate to that. Woof!"

5 Breakout Players for the Jacksonville Jaguars – Bleacher Report

"The breakout season from a player is typically one that a lot of fans see coming, but very few in the national media can predict. It can happen in a flash, or it can be something that’s been building up to a monumental performance.The Jaguars are in need of such performances. The team is improving, but the Jaguars will be looking to certain players to elevate their game and make a difference. Players who reach that next level tend to make that difference, and that’s what separates an average season from a great one."

Jacksonville Jaguars May Have More Quarterbacks Than You Think – Endzone Score

"The Jacksonville Jaguars have a slew of quarterbacks on their roster and it is not just the four on the depth chart."

2015 is Crucial for the Jacksonville Jaguars Staff, Gus Bradley, and David Caldwell – Rant Sports

"It has been rough for the first two years of the Gus Bradley andDavid Caldwell regime in Duval County, Fla. The Jacksonville Jaguars have won just seven games in the 2013 and 2014 seasons combined. Both Caldwell (general manager) and Bradley (head coach) were given some leeway in terms of accountability due to the fact that they both inherited one of the NFL‘s least talented rosters at the time they took over in 2013.Now entering their third season at the helm, the roster has been transformed into the players that Caldwell and Bradley want. This is the year the Jags must show improvement, or else both the head coach and general manager are going to find themselves on the hot seat."

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