Tom Brady Suspension Would Be Good For Jaguars


Tom Brady and Deflategate simply won’t get away, especially now after the Wells Report has come back pointing essentially at Tom Brady as the primary driver behind the deflated balls this offseason.

It’s a ridiculous premise for a quarterback like Brady who has dominated the NFL for so long. Yet there it is, pretty clear that Brady was behind the deflation of footballs (of all things!) looking for a competitive edge.

While the NFL mulls a punishment, speculation runs on how severe they will be on one of their golden geese. Tom Brady brings wins, he brings near perfection, and he leads a team that many outside of New England simply love to hate. A suspension seems the most likely option. The question is, for how long? It could be anywhere from two games to a full season.

As a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, I hope it is at least three.

The Jacksonville Jaguars meet up with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in week three of the 2015 NFL season on September 27th. While the Jaguars are a team on the rise, the Patriots are the best team in the league, sitting atop the heap with another Lombardi Trophy. While it is nice to see the Jaguars match up against every opponent at full strength, allowing the team to gauge where they are in their rebuild and competitiveness, it’s pretty clear that the Pats game could be one-sided. The reigning champs against a team that was 3-13 last season isn’t exactly an excellent game in anybody’s mind.

So if Tom Brady were to be gone for that week three game, the Jags may actually stand a chance.

Brady is an excellent quarterback and the primary driver of the Patriots aside from head coach Bill Belichick. The last time the Patriots didn’t have Tom Brady, they went 11-5 and missed the playoffs (which is miraculous in and of itself). Matt Cassel orchestrated Bill Belichick’s team almost as well as Brady and saw big money following his time with the Patriots because of it. That season the Pats lost Brady to injury. That’s sportsmanlike. Losing him to a suspension isn’t.

But it would certainly help the Jaguars if they could get a win from a dominant team early in their schedule, whether its sportsmanlike or not.

The Patriots are an excellent team all around and it would be a tough win for the Jaguars no matter what (especially if the offense sputters again in 2015). Removing Tom Brady from the picture would just relieve a lot of the pressure.

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