Shad Khan: Fowler’s Not Tim Tebow But Next Best Thing


Dante Fowler Jr. is coming to Jacksonville to be the preeminent pass rusher with an already impressive defensive line rotation. All eyes should and will be on Dante Fowler for the freseeable future. That didn’t stop owner Shad Khan from bringing everything full circle back to Tim Tebow, though (as it often tends to do),  saying, “It’s not (Tim) Tebow, but it’s the next best thing” when talking about bringing in the big edge rusher from the University of Florida.

The Jaguars famously balked on taking Tebow in the NFL Draft letting him fall to the Denver Broncos. They then offered a trade deal for him but Tebow and the Broncos chose the New York Jets instead. Shad Khan has consistently wanted Tebow for his Jaguars business, but he recognizes he isn’t a great player and trusts general manager Dave Caldwell to make the right call.

Yet the Jaguars still can’t shake the Tebow mania. Despite not playing for a year, Tebow just signed with the Philadelphia Eagles before the 2015 NFL Draft.

What’s curious is the emphasis placed on appealing to Florida fans (which the Jaguars, who are in Florida, should do) in drafting a University of Florida player this year and a University of Central Florida player last year in quarterback Blake Bortles. “It worked out nicely from a business perspective, too. We’ve been fortunate the last two years,” Khan stated. While both Fowler and Bortles are excellent picks regardless of where they went to school, it’s nice to see the Jaguars going after guys from the home state who can be stars in Florida again, but this time in black and teal.

So, from a business perspective Dante Fowler isn’t exactly Tim Tebow. From a football perspective, he’s going to be leaps and bounds better than Tebow ever was as a pro.

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