2015 NFL Draft: Second and Third Round Pick Order


The 2015 NFL Draft continue tonight with rounds two and three. Check here for information on where and how you can watch the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Tennessee Titans held the keys to the draft in the first round but opted not to trade for almost every pick imaginable and instead sat at number two and selected Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

For the second and third rounds, things will be a bit more fluid. Teams have different values on these players with no consensus “best selection” available. Even with Randy Gregory and La’el Collins falling out of the first round, teams likely have their own names at the top of their respective big boards. These two rounds could see some interesting movement as teams try to out-position each other for the best spots to draft players they want. So, while the draft order for rounds two and three is below, don’t expect it to remain exactly this way as we get going again on day two of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Here’s the order:

Round 2

233  Tennessee Titans
234Tampa Bay Buccaneers
235Oakland Raiders
236Jacksonville Jaguars
237New York Jets
238Washington Redskins
239Chicago Bears
240New York Giants
241St. Louis Rams
242Atlanta Falcons
243Cleveland Browns
244New Orleans Saints
245Minnesota Vikings
246San Francisco 49ers
247Miami Dolphins
248San Diego Chargers
249Kansas City Chiefs
250Buffalo Bills
251Houston Texans
252Philadelphia Eagles
253Cincinnati Bengals
254Detroit Lions
255Arizona Cardinals
256Pittsburgh Steelers
257Carolina Panthers
258Baltimore Ravens
259Denver Broncos
260Dallas Cowboys
261Indianapolis Colts
262Green Bay Packers
263Seattle Seahawks
264New England Patriots

Round 3

365  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
366Tennessee Titans
367Jacksonville Jaguars
368Oakland Raiders
369Washington Redskins
370New York Jets
371Chicago Bears
372St. Louis Rams
373Atlanta Falcons
374New York Giants
375New Orleans Saints
376Minnesota Vikings
377Cleveland Browns
378New Orleans Saints (From Miami)
379San Francisco 49ers
380Kansas City Chiefs
381Buffalo Bills
382Houston Texans
383San Diego Chargers
384Philadelphia Eagles
385Cincinnati Bengals
386Arizona Cardinals
387Pittsburgh Steelers
388Detroit Lions
389Carolina Panthers
390Baltimore Ravens
391Dallas Cowboys
392Denver Broncos
393Indianapolis Colts
394Green Bay Packers
395Seattle Seahawks
396New England Patriots
3*97New England Patriots
3*98Kansas City Chiefs
3*99Cincinnati Bengals

There are three compensatory picks at the end of the third round awarded to the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cincinnati Bengals.

The Jacksonville Jaguars should be able to maneuver well to get who they want, leveraging their final six draft picks to move up or down and ensure they add pieces that fill needs or awards them the best available player.

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