2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Jaguars to Trade Back Into Round 1?


2015 NFL Draft rumors are running hot as we get into the final hours before the 2015 NFL Draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars have been looking to trade back in the first round for some time, but now we’re hearing chatter about the Jaguars trading back into the tail end of the first round.

The Jags are sure to find some trading partners at the tail end of the first round, particularly with the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots.

The Jaguars could target a number of selections later in the first round. The guys at NFL Mocks think it may be a running back and recommend trying to negotiate with the Baltimore Ravens. If either Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon are available late in the first round, that could be an exciting option for the Jaguars to go after.

Other possible options for moving back into the first round include a stud wide receiver or going after one of the better offensive linemen.

To me, this doesn’t seem like a wise move for the Jaguars. They still have holes to fill and picking 10-4 slots later at the top of the fourth round isn’t going to make that much of a difference in the talent pool that is available. There are plenty of second round running backs and wide receivers who could be top talents in the draft but will be forced back because of this class being deep at those positions. The Jaguars continue to need help at a number of positions, so stocking up draft picks seems like the wiser option here.

General manager Dave Caldwell wowed the NFL with his selection of Blake Bortles at third overall last year. He’s a wild card and we should expect him to pull something out of his sleeve.

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