2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Randy Gregory Falls Off Draft Boards


Randy Gregory hasn’t had the best build up to the 2015 NFL Draft. In fact, if it wasn’t for Shane Ray’s citation for marijuana a couple days ago, Gregory would probably have had the definitive worst build up to the draft this offseason.

Gregory’s ongoing struggle with marijuana use is seen in poor light by personnel evaluators across the NFL. The kid has talent, that can’t be denied, but his off the field concerns continue to manifest themselves and cause teams to second guess his athletic potential. A raw prospect, Gregory was never going to come in and be immediately pro ready, but he was more than capable of coming in and playing, relying on athleticism and instincts to compete.

His skills make him a top-15, maybe top-10 pick. Now, he may not be on some teams’ draft boards. Albert Breer thinks he could fall completely out of the first round later tonight.

That’s a mighty fall for a player who was once considered a top-10 pick.

Randy Gregory has nobody but himself to blame.

So while he may fall out of the first round, which team would be willing to take a chance on a player who had such poor self control that he failed a drug test at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine? If we do see a fall tonight, I think it may stop with the New England Patriots at 32nd overall. The Pats have a history of taking malcontent players or players with off field issues and turning them into productive pieces of their team. Bill Belichick would love Gregory’s athleticism and he has the structure in place to make sure he is productive on the team.

But if not the Patriots, then does Randy Gregory get selected at the top of the second? The Jacksonville Jaguars could certainly use a high talent pass rusher and they don’t shy away from character concerns too much. If they pass on a rusher in round one, Gregory may be an option early in round two.

We won’t know until the 2015 NFL Draft starts tonight, but it looks like this could be a pretty big fall for Gregory. By the end of tonight we could all be left wondering what happens to him in the second or third rounds on day two.

How far do you think he’ll slide?

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