Mike Mayock Mock Draft: Jaguars Get Dante Fowler Jr.


The Mike Mayock Mock Draft is a big deal each year. The draft analyst only puts out one mock draft every year and he uses all of the information put together through an extensive period of looking at candidates, listening to teams, and learning about players and the overall process. The guy makes a living put together his mock drafts and they are solid pieces of work.

The 2015 Mike Mayock Mock Draft aired tonight at 8:00pm EST and the Jacksonville Jaguars pick was just what we all expected: Dante Fowler Jr. out of Florida.

The Jaguars certainly need a pass rusher. Despite some pretty numbers in the sack department, the Jaguars didn’t generate enough pressure consistently to knock quarterbacks out of rhythm and allow the defense to dominate the pace of the game. So bringing in a guy like Dante Fowler is big for the team.

Fowler can bring the pressure on every down. He’s an excellent all around athlete, allowing him to be a versatile pass rusher on the defensive line. Mayock said, “The Jaguars can team Fowler and newcomer Jared Odrick to form a formidable defensive front. He reminds me of Khalil Mack from last year’s draft.” That’s about the best praise the Jaguars could hope for about a pick in Fowler. Mayock had the Jaguars picking Mack in his 2014 Mike Mayock Mock Draft and the guy turned out to be an absolute beast. The Oakland Raiders came away immensely happy with Mack.

The Jaguars opted for a quarterback instead in 2014. Blake Bortles is the future for better or for worse.

While it is becoming trendy to mock a wide receiver like Amari Cooper or Kevin White to the Jacksonville Jaguars at third overall, Mayock sticks to the reliable option in Fowler. There’s no need to get too sexy with this pick, Fowler is going to be a dominant player and he can come in and help the Jaguars instantly. That’s exactly what the team needs. Over-thinking this pick would be unwise.

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