2015 Jaguars Draft: Build for Blake Bortles


The 2015 Jaguars draft slogan should be “Build for Bortles!” The young quarterback needs weapons around him to succeed and while some of those weapons (especially the three rookie receivers who were primary targets for him in 2014) will become better with a year of experience under their belts, some of them won’t. The Jaguars need to make sure that they are giving enough weapons to him so he can find success.

The entire 2015 offseason so far has been about helping Bortles. They brought in tight end Julius Thomas to help, they were in the running for half back DeMarco Murray, they’ve looked at almost every possible veteran wide receiver. It’s all about putting him in a position to succeed in 2015.

The 2015 Jaguars draft should be no different.

It’d be nice to have a pass rusher come in the first round. It’d be nice to find a free safety who can start immediately. When we look at prospects like Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Melvin Gordon, and Todd Gurley, though, we have to think to ourselves, “man that would really help Blake.”

At the same time, making sure that the defense can get the opposing team off the field so the offense can actually do something is important as well.

Whatever GM Dave Caldwell ends up doing in the draft (starts tomorrow), it should be with Bortles in mind. As your quarterback goes, so goes your team. Giving him weapons, making sure he can actually see the field, ensuring his protection, everything is revolving around Blake Bortles now. Draft strategy is no different.

The Jags got to see how Bortles played in his rookie season (something they didn’t plan on doing initially). They know strengths and weaknesses better now. They know their new offense under Greg Olson needs to build holes that Jeff Fisch left.

The defense gets a lot of attention right now, but the Jaguars need to keep Bortles at the forefront.

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