2015 NFL Draft Rumors: Browns-Titans Trade for No. 2


For those of you watching the NFL closely right now, you may have noticed a report of a Browns-Titans trade that will net the Cleveland Browns the second overall pick in the draft for their two first round picks.

That’s huge.

Pat McManamon is reporting it and while we’re all still wondering if it’s legitimate or not, it is certainly the scoop of the draft.

The deal would presumably be to take Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. This Browns-Titans trade would give the Browns the opportunity to get the man they want at quarterback yet again. Last year they drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first round just a couple of years after drafting quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round before him. The failure at quarterback for Cleveland continues and if I’m being honest, sacrificing two first round picks for another quarterback is a major mistake for the Browns.

So, how does this relate to the Jacksonville Jaguars and everyone else?

Well, the Jaguars lose any sort of bargaining power they may have had if the Titans had chosen to pass on Marcus Mariota and take another player instead. Presumably that would be USC’s Leonard Williams who is a gifted interior rusher. If the Browns take Mariota at number two, then the Jags could have a chance to leverage Leonard Williams’ availability to move back in the draft.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Williams is the best player available in the 2015 NFL Draft, it doesn’t seem as likely that some team trades with the Jaguars for Williams. There are plenty of high caliber players that fill needs for teams sitting behind the Jaguars. It would be surprising to see a team move up when they could just sit and wait for one of those players to land in their laps.

If the Browns-Titans trade for number two overall is true, then the Jaguars may be locked into picking at third overall. Frankly, there are worse things than that. The Jags could be picking their second first round quarterback in two years. Good thing that isn’t happening, right?

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