NFL Mock Draft 2015: Jaguars Get Pass Rusher in Draft with FanSided NFL Editors


It’s finally here! The annual FanSided editor NFL mock draft has been in the works for a little while now, and the piece is finally up over at With the First Pick. If you aren’t familiar with the yearly tradition, the FanSided editor mock draft is done right before the draft through the collaboration of the editors of each NFL team’s blog here at the FanSided network. We work our way through the first round and show the NFL general managers how it’s done.

This year, I chose for the Jacksonville Jaguars with the third overall pick. Unable to trade down, I had a tough decision to make at number 3. The two quarterbacks came off the board at 1 and 2, which meant I had to decide between the top non-quarterbacks. With Leonard Williams and Amari Cooper both in the mix here, I decided to go for my guy – Vic Beasley out of Clemson.

"3. VIC BEASLEY, Linebacker, ClemsonThe Jaguars have a tough decision here if Leonard Williams is still on the board, but I think Beasley will end up having more of an impact in the short term and the long term. An explosive athlete who took over the combine with his historically great numbers, Beasley is the perfect blend of college production and physical traits that translate to the NFL. Beasley would slide right in at the LEO position and be the Jaguars most explosive edge rusher from day 1. Williams would be a fine pick here, but the Jaguars already have quality starters at the two positions he would play along the defensive line. Ultimately, I think the Jaguars would prefer to trade down here and explore more options, but Beasley should be the pick if the Jaguars stay at number 3."

I’ve been beating the drum for Beasley for a while now, but I honestly think all of the players under consideration here at number 3 are graded extremely close together. I prefer Beasley, but I would not be upset if the pick was Williams, Cooper, or Fowler. That’s why I think a trade-down is the best option here, there are so many players in the top 10 or so that could come in and be immediate contributors on this team.

What do you guys think? Should I have gone for Williams, or Cooper, or another player?

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