Are Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee Nothing More Than ‘Second Fiddle’ Receivers?


Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee were drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft to be the future playmakers for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the receiving game. Robinson and Lee were both first round talents who slipped into the second round of last year’s draft and general manager Dave Caldwell was more than happy to scoop them up.

While they didn’t perform superbly in 2014, they did perform well. Robinson posted 548 yards on 48 receptions with two touchdowns. Lee 422 yards on 37 receptions with one score. Those are respectable numbers, especially from players who didn’t stay on the field for the entire year.

It’s fair to compare Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee to their counterparts, but I think that Chris Wesseling at took it a bit too far when he called them ‘second fiddle’ receivers during his 2014 wide receiver re-draft.

Robinson in particular looked to be the dependable target that Blake Bortles needed, despite battling injury right before the season began and leaving the season in November. Lee – who flashed a bit less – put up some impressive plays as well and showed the potential that would have made him a first round pick had he not been injured before the 2014 NFL Draft.

Now, I’m not arguing that guys like Brandin Cooks, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckham Jr. don’t deserve high praise and to be considered among the best in the class. But to call Robinson and Lee simply second fiddle guys is cutting their knees out from them before their careers even begin.

The Jaguars are looking to make Robinson and Lee the highlight to their offense going forward. Robinson is expected to develop into a true number one receiver and Lee is expected to be a number two. The former is certainly on track to fulfill those expectations while the latter needs a bit of work. With them being rookies last season, however, what the Jags were looking for was the ability to do what they are asking of them at some level. Both players showed that points throughout the season. They have the potential to grow into those roles.

Now, they need to put it all together and prove Wesseling wrong.

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