Jacksonville Jaguars Get Leonard Williams In Latest Mel Kiper Jr. Mock Draft


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With the draft about 3 weeks away, most of us are pretty tired of mock drafts, especially when it comes to what the Jacksonville Jaguars will do with the 3rd overall pick. The same basic logic has been applied in pretty much every mock draft, which means players like

Leonard Williams

and Dante Fowler Jr. have been cycled into that spot over and over again, while the occasional mock gets cute and slots a receiver like Amari Cooper into the third pick.

Mel Kiper Jr., somehow already on his 4th mock draft this offseason (ESPN insider need to read the full article), continues that trend with Leonard Williams.

"3. Leonard Williams, USC DL – Jacksonville JaguarsAnalysis: “Dream scenario” probably overstates this — Andrew Luck isn’t sitting here at No. 3 — but if Williams, the No. 1 player on my Big Board, is still here at No. 3, I think the Jags have a pretty easy decision. It doesn’t matter if you love every starter on your defensive line — Williams is an impact talent early in his career, and a player who will make any defense better because there’s no scheme you can put him in where he won’t succeed. If Williams ends up going to Tennessee at No. 2 my hunch is the Jags would take Dante Fowler here, but in this scenario it becomes an easy call."

At this point, there really aren’t going to be too many “shocking” players slotted in at number three. Leonard Williams, Dante Fowler, and Vic Beasley are my three front runners for the pick if the Jaguars stay at 3, and the only way I see another player ending up in Jacksonville is in a trade-down scenario.

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