Jaguars Could Make Push for Adrian Peterson, but Shouldn’t


Adrian Peterson to the Jacksonville Jaguars is still an idea that is being thrown around despite the AP drama starting to cool.

The final line is that the Minnesota Vikings have Peterson under contract for now and his head coach Mike Zimmer expects him to play for the team. It’s a contract he voluntarily signed and he should fulfill the terms of his contract. If a hard line stance leads to an Adrian Peterson holdout, so be it. The Vikings played without him last year and they could do it again.

If Peterson does get serious and decides to not honor his contract then – and only then – will the Vikings move forward and deal him to another team.

With teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals considered the top contenders for his services, it is interesting that the Jaguars continued to be linked as well. The Jaguars are a rebuilding team that Peterson likely wouldn’t want to play for and they don’t have a lot of trade capital to throw at the Vikings.

What they do have is money and the money the Jags have is enough to pay Peterson (quite a bit) for a long time. The Vikings structured their team around Peterson and are paying him that way. Other teams, like the Cowboys, haven’t. So while advocates for a such a deal, like Peter King, highlight that aspect of a potential trade, keep in mind it isn’t likely to happen.

Whether you think Adrian Peterson is a significant piece in the Jaguars’ puzzle, think he’s someone the Jaguars could try for, or think the Jaguars would be crazy to even attempt, keep in mind that the guys running the Jaguars want the team to be built sustainably and they want it to be built through the draft. A high priced running back in the latter part of his career is not a part of that plan.

It’s important for all of us Jags fans to remember that just because something could be done doesn’t mean it should be done.

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