Jacksonville Jaguars Looking to Trade Marcedes Lewis?


The Jacksonville Jaguars went into the 2015 offseason with a handful of big time targets in free agency – 5 to be exact – and they managed to land 3 of the top guys on their list. One of the premier free agents was former Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas, who signed a 5 year, $46 million contract to become the Jaguars’ pass catching tight end. With the Jaguars committing so much money to Thomas, many thought Marcedes Lewis was on his way out of Jacksonville. Lewis has his own big contract – he carries a an $8.2 million cap hit this year – and he hasn’t really lived up to the deal he signed in 2011.

Still, the Jaguars have been pretty consistent in saying Lewis will be on the team in 2015. A recent article by Michael David Smith at Pro Football Talk disagrees, and he cites two pieces from the Florida Times-Union as fodder for Lewis being on the trade block.

"Lewis turns 31 next month, is coming off a season in which he caught just 18 passes, and is due a $6.65 million base salary this season. Would anyone want him?Maybe, if the Jaguars are willing to pay part of that $6.65 million. One story suggests that the Jaguars would be willing to pay part of that salary in order to facilitate a trade…Another story suggests that Jacksonville is seeking a late-round pick for Lewis. That would likely be about all the Jaguars could get…"

If you actually open up the Times-Union articles and read them, there’s nothing really of substance. In the first piece, Ryan O’Halloran suggests the Jaguars mimic what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did in trading safety Dashon Goldson by eating some of the cap hit. In the other piece, Gene Frenette basically opines that the Jaguars should be able to get a late round pick for Lewis, considering they got one for former left tackle Eugene Monroe.

So, while Smith says “[Lewis] appears to be on the way out,” it’s nothing but pure speculation at best. For now, it appears Lewis will be on the team for the 2015 regular season.

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