2015 NFL Draft: Could Jaguars and Falcons Trade in Round 1?


The 2015 NFL Draft is less than a month away and we’re all gearing up for a continuation of an exciting offseason that has been trade-heavy.  The NFL Draft has always featured some surprising trades and the 2015 NFL Draft promises to be no different – and maybe even more so.

To that end, there has been plenty of speculation about potential trade partners. With the third overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be a prime option for many teams.

Recently, Charles Davis at NFL.com suggested that the Atlanta Falcons and the Jaguars would be a trade he would love to see in the 2015 NFL Draft. Here’s his take on the number three pick being exchanged for number eight:

"Atlanta desperately needs help on defense. The team’s screaming need is at edge rusher, and while Williams is an interior defensive lineman, he’s also the best player in the draft. You don’t turn that down if Jacksonville is willing to make a deal."

Jacksonville appears to be more than willing to make a deal. With plenty of talent available at positions of need (especially pass rusher) in the first round, the Jaguars have openly said they would not mind trading out of their current spot. This deal may be most beneficial for the Falcons, however, as they get what they want while the Jaguars fall back for whomever slips down to eight overall. Not that the situation would be bad for the Jags.

There are a couple of reasons why I think this would be possible. The first is a desire for the Jaguars to get out of the third overall pick. The second is based on relationships.

Thomas Dimitroff, the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons, knows Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell well, having been his superior before the latter left for the Jaguars’ open GM position. The NFL, like any business, is largely dependent on these relationships. While this doesn’t mean they are inclined to give each other a good deal, it may help broker a trade.

It’s intriguing to think of at a minimum. The Jaguars would likely still be able to land Shane Ray or Randy Gregory to help their pass rush in that situation.

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