Jacksonville Jaguars to Announce 2 2015 NFL Draft Picks from London


The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to build their overseas brand, stating that they will be announcing two of their 2015 NFL Draft picks from London, where the team plays a “home” game each year.

The NFL has really been trying to expand its market into international arenas like London and Toronto, Canada and is using the Jacksonville Jaguars as the primary vehicle for this over the last couple years and into the next few. It’s a win-win for Jaguars owner Shad Khan who is committed to turning the Jaguars into an example brand for the NFL and a product that transcends the football field and cultural and national boundaries.

Announcing two picks from London this year will be a demonstration of further commitment to building that brand. Khan is an excellent businessman and other Jaguars leadership, like team president Mark Lamping, are helping to further the aims of promoting the Jaguars across the platforms. The Jaguars are reaching out straight to its UK fans, allowing a fan from the London fan base to make the pick announcement on a UK channel. While the picks are going to be sixth and seventh rounders (usually of little importance), this is an important demonstration of the team’s continued commitment to London and its superior product that it is building.

"We are so excited to provide our fans in the U.S. and abroad with an exciting opportunity to be part of the NFL Draft… – Jaguars team president Mark Lamping"

For us at B&T, it’s exciting to see the Jaguars continue to build its base and to reach out in creative ways to its supporters. Jaguar nation is beginning to firmly entrench itself beyond the pond and that’s a good thing for all of us, even if it does mean we miss out on one home game each year.

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