2015 NFL Draft Holds Jaguars’ Solutions at Running Back, Wide Receiver


The Jacksonville Jaguars are eagerly awaiting filling out their roster at the 2015 NFL Draft. It promises to bring in starters and role players for a team that needs help across the board. While many needs were filled during NFL Free Agency, the Jags are hoping to build the team primarily through the draft and continue to add key pieces to the roster in this way. That has been the approach for general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley since the beginning, so view the lavish free agency spending as an aberration this year.

Two positions that still need solutions in the NFL draft are running back and wide receiver. With plenty of options available at both positions and tons of talent loaded up, teams will be looking to add quality running backs and receivers early in the NFL draft this year. From running back Todd Gurley to Jay Ajayi and from Amari Cooper to Devin Smith, there are plenty of players with top-50 talent at both of those positions. This draft is also deep along the defensive line, so expect teams to look at that position heavily as well.

For the Jaguars, finding solutions at wide receiver and running back is expected. The team struggled with a receiving corps primarily composed of rookies in 2014 and the running game never took off, failing to provide balance for the offense. While there are still some free agent receivers available, the running back market was never large and the big pickups quickly left. The Jaguars would be wise to steer clear for now and wait to see how the NFL draft plays out starting April 30th and then return to the veteran free agent market.

The Jags are well positioned in the NFL draft to nab whomever they want and while the common speculation is that the Jaguars will go for a pass rusher at three overall, don’t be shocked if they shake it up and bring in a player like Amari Cooper to help Blake Bortles further progress in his second year under center. They could even go back to back on offense and bring in a running back with the fourth overall pick in the second round.

The NFL draft is building the Jaguars and the team knows how to bring in players who can immediately contribute on both sides of the ball. Expect them to take a serious look at offense in the 2015 NFL Draft and find their solutions there.

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