Jaguars Set Record Free Agent Spending Spree


“Six significant smiles” is the way senior writer John Oehser put it.

He couldn’t be more right.

The Jacksonville Jaguars brought in six free agents to help the team move forward in year three of their rebuild, a massive haul and some major dollars spent. In fact, it’s the most expensive shopping spree the team has ever done.

That’s huge for the Jacksonville Jaguars on the whole and it’s huge for Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell. Caldwell is building a massive beast of a team in Jacksonville and the newest Jaguars additions promise to be important parts going forward. They’re all signed on to be with the team for multiple years and all of them are set to be important role players or starters.

The Jags are filling holes through free agency and the team is getting better for it.

Don’t forget, there’s still the 2015 NFL Draft to look forward too, as well. That’s where Caldwell has spent most of his efforts to rebuild the Jaguars, but with year three and real results needed and plenty of cash to spend as well, the Jags are excited to be bringing in significant players who can immediately impact the fate of the team.

We hope that impact is positive, of course.

Spending money on players like Julius Thomas ($46 million), Jermey Parnell ($32 million), and Jared Odrick ($42.5 million) is a step in the right direction in my mind and the Jags needed to spend the money anyway. When you go out and you get three of your top five options and then sign three others for the money on the one you missed out on, that’s success. Caldwell has got to be smiling from ear to ear right now.

Frankly, he deserves it.

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