Can Jags Convince DeMarco Murray to Come to Jacksonville?


DeMarco Murray is hearing out the Jacksonville Jaguars today, deciding on whether he’ll take his talents to Duval or to someplace else (the Raiders?!) for the future. Per Adam Caplan, the Jacksonville Jaguars players and leadership are making their case.

You’ve got to imagine Gus Bradley and company are giddy with the thought of bringing in DeMarco Murray to pair with Denard Robinson. A signing like this would also enable the Jags to use Toby Gerhart as they desire, which is what brought them into the running back market in the first place.

But the big question is, can the Jaguars bring in Murray?

At this point in the 2015 NFL Free Agency period, it’s pretty apparent that the Jags have the ability to bring in players of high caliber. The recent signing of tight end Julius Thomas is evidence of that. It goes beyond Thomas, though. The team has managed to bring in players that are both high caliber, but also willing to be role players. Whether Dan Skuta or Sergio Brown, the Jags have done a good job of attracting talent across the spectrum.

This has led to a bit of a change in the national perception of the Jags.

That change in perception could be the key to whether Murray decides to go with the Jags or the other major suitor: the Oakland Raiders. Both teams have plenty of money to spend, but at this point in history, the Raiders are still a (relatively) dysfunctional mess and the Jaguars are trending upward.

To me, that’s an easy pitch and an easy sell. It would make sense to go with the team that seems more likely to succeed going forward.

Is it enough to convince Murray, though? He plays a position that is losing its value with almost every year and he’d be wise to follow the money.

It’s a good thing the Jags have plenty of that too.

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