Sergio Brown Comes to Jacksonville for $7 Million


Sergio Brown is leaving the Indianapolis Colts to come to the Jacksonville Jaguars and play safety. At this point, it isn’t clear if Brown will be leading the group at free safety or be used as a backup to strong safety Johnathan Cyprien. The Jags have a massive hole at free safety right now and could use someone to fill it. Brown is a versatile defensive back who has played both positions in the past.

That’s good news for the Jaguars.

More good news for the Jags: Sergio Brown is nowhere near breaking the bank. While the Jags have plenty of cap space, the team is getting a great deal with Brown, who comes in with plenty of starting experience and years with a team that has a culture of winning.

At this point in the 2015 NFL Free Agency period, the Jacksonville Jaguars have done an excellent job of filling needs. From tight end Julius Thomas to right tackle Jermey Parnell, the Jags have gone out and paid for the players they need to be successful. After a rough year in 2014 in which the team was obviously short on talent, this is exactly what Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell needs to be doing.

You could argue that some of the players the Jaguars are signing are being overpaid based on potential (or even just a few good seasons). With $7 million and only $1 million guaranteed for Brown, this is looking like a solid bargain move for the Jags. This is a solid signing for the Jags, especially at the price range.

It’s also always nice to lure away a division rival’s player, especially one who started eight games last season.

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