Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency Options Dwindle


Jacksonville Jaguars free agency options appear to be dropping like flies. From Ndamukong Suh’s expected deal with the Miami Dolphins to Randall Cobb’s re-signing with the Green Bay Packers, the Jaguars are seeing some flashy, big names dropping out of the free agency picture pretty early on. Free agency doesn’t formally begin until 4:00pm EST on Tuesday, but the Jaguars free agency efforts seem to already be falling behind despite plenty of money to spend.

While there is certainly still a slew of talent available, the Jags’ options at the big, premiere names are starting to dwindle. Can GM Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley still bring quality free agent talent to Jacksonville? While it’s far too early to say that the sky is falling, it’s important to keep the team focused on free agents that are still available, still top-tier, and may still be willing to come to the Jaguars.

For Caldwell and Bradley, that’s DeMarco Murray and Julius Thomas.

Thomas, apparently, is pretty close to coming to the Jaguars.

Something may also be blossoming between the Jags and Murray.

That’s good news for the team, especially considering they were supposed to be major players in the Ndamukong Suh Sweepstakes. The narrowing of the free agent field may help the team prioritize simply through process of deduction.

Then again, the Jags – who were supposed to be big players for pretty much anyone who could make a difference – may not be in the fold as much as we anticipated. Caldwell has been rather quiet about what positions the team will focus on during the 2015 NFL Free Agency period and, instead, has opted to keep his cards close to his vest. I like the way he is playing it and we’ll see how things come about in the next couple of days as more players and teams announce deals that are simply awaiting an official stamp.

Hopefully Jaguars free agency priorities do make it to the team. At least some of them, right?

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