Randall Cobb Re-Signs With Packers, Crushes Our Hopes and Dreams


Randall Cobb, the dreamy Green Bay Packers wide receiver expected to alleviate all of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ receiving woes, has re-signed with the Packers. Cobb and the Pack came together on a deal worth $40 million over four years with $17 million guaranteed. That’s great news for the Packers and a crushing blow for those of us who thought the Jaguars could throw money at him and thrive with his arrival in Jacksonville.

The roughly $10 million per year is less than the $12 million he may have been worth, but it keeps Cobb with the Packers which is likely to his benefit and to the benefit of future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Cobb’s opinion of the Packers must have sweetened in the first 10 hours of teams calling for his services during the window for teams to approach free agents to begin contract discussions. You’ve got to wonder what these teams were saying to scare him back to Green Bay. Then again, Rodgers could have just called his name softly and the receiver made the smartest decision of his career to stick it out with him. Fox reports that Cobb turned down multiple offers with more money to stick with his favorite signal caller.

With Cobb off the market, the Jaguars (and other teams) will have to turn to players who are really a step down in terms of production and upside. Cobb was to be a rare receiver in the 2015 NFL Free Agency class, one that teams openly coveted. Returning to Green Bay was an easy choice for him as he has experienced career growth and is incredibly close to winning a championship with one of the most stacked teams in the NFL.

While he has crushed our hopes and dreams, we wish him the best with the Packers. It’s not like he’s going to the Colts!

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