Percy Harvin Expected to be Released, Should Jags Pursue?


Percy Harvin is expected to be released by the New York Jets in the near future. The speedy kick returner, wide receiver, and sometimes ball carrier was traded to the Jets in 2014 after the Seattle Seahawks weren’t getting what they wanted out (and a few headaches they didn’t want at all) of the promising first rounder.

If the Jets let Harvin go, he’ll be looking for his fourth team since 2009 and his third in two years.

Should the Jacksonville Jaguars be that fourth team?

There are some obvious upsides to bringing in Harvin. He’s got tremendous speed, he has great vision, and he is a mismatch both on special teams and on offense, creating opportunities for exploitation. Right now, the Jaguars don’t have a player like that, so Harvin would immediately come in and be a valuable player for Jacksonville.

He is also likely at his cheapest point in his career, with the Jets and Seahawks both jettisoning him in the span of just one year, Harvin’s value isn’t nearly what it was when he left the Minnesota Vikings just three years ago. Part of that is to do with his migraines that cause him to miss games and also partly because he simply hasn’t produced when he has been on the field. If the Jags wanted to make a play for a game-breaking wide receiver with potential upside for cheap, now would be the time.  With the Jets acquiring Brandon Marshall, there won’t be any pressure from his current team to retain him and outbid suitors.

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There are certainly red flags, though.

Harvin was contentious in Seattle, he wasn’t a locker room leader in Minnesota or New York, either. Further, his lack of production (just 483 yards in 13 games last season, and 17 yards in one game the season before) isn’t worth a high risk. His inability to stay on the field (that’s just 14 game appearances over the last two seasons and 23 over the last three) is also another concern.

But if Percy Harvin could come to the Jaguars on an incentive-heavy deal with little down, the Jaguars (or any team, for that matter) could walk away as winners. Harvin can do it all – when he’s on the field and wants to – teams just have to be aware that he isn’t going to be the dominant force on their team if they bring him over.