Jaguars Should Pursue Brian Orakpo


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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been linked to almost every big free-agent this offseason, and with good reason. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the most cap space in the NFL, and they appear to be ready and willing to use it.

By far the most prominent free agent on the market is Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, but the Jaguars honestly shouldn’t and probably won’t make a hard push to acquire him. Besides playing the same position as the best player already on the team (Sen’Derrick Marks), Suh has other issues that may affect the locker room, as Luke Sims pointed out in an earlier piece.

"Bringing a personality like Suh onto a team is going to be a distraction no matter what. You hope it is because of his talent and ability, but as he has proven time and time again his temper makes an appearance and he’ll bring unwelcome attention."

It seems silly to try and talk yourself out of a player like Suh, but the Jaguars have better ways they can spend their oodles of cap space.

The other obvious target on defense is New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty, but the Jaguars should also make a push for Washington Redskins pass rusher Brian Orakpo.

Orakpo comes with his own set of concerns, particularly with injuries, but he has the athleticism to play a couple of positions the Jaguars need and serve as the playmaker the defense didn’t really have last year. Orakpo can put his hand on the ground and rush the passer effectively, but his skills in coverage could make him the perfect guy for the OTTO position.

Orakpo is going to have a handful of suitors (including the Redskins), but the Jaguars should be able to outbid every other team and still acquire him at a reasonable price.