Brandon Marshall on the Market?


With all the talk of free agency, the biggest move so far in the 2015 NFL offseason is the trade between the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles where they swapped linebacker Kiko Alonso and LeSean McCoy. With such a big trade going down already, is there a chance we see a few more big names under contract moved around before the free agent period?

According to sources, the Chicago Bears are interested in moving wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

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With the Jaguars in the market for veteran offensive playmakers, is Brandon Marshall a viable target? Marshall is under contract for 3 more years at a reasonable price (averaging $7.9 million a year), but he is about to turn 31. He’s been outstanding on the field so far in his career, but his issues on the field and in the locker room are hard to ignore.

With options like Randall Cobb and Torrey Smith available at similar or only slightly more expensive prices, Marshall isn’t really an ideal fit for the Jaguars right now. I was all for pursuing a guy like Larry Fitzgerald if he became available because he also added immeasurable leadership and intangibles in addition to his play on the field, but Marshall probably isn’t worth the headache at this point in his career.

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