Randall Cobb Rejects Green Bay Packers, One Step Closer to Jags


Randall Cobb has rejected a five-year contract offer from the Green Bay Packers, his current team, opting to test the waters of free agency as expected. This is good for teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars who are hoping to come in swinging during the 2015 NFL Free Agency period and land big name players like Cobb.

The deal from the Packers is reported to be around $8 to $9 million a year, which is plenty of dough but still far short of the $12 million we here at B&T imagine he may be worth.

This could mean that the Packers won’t be big players to keep the stalwart receiver during free agency, instead opting to fill his role with someone younger and less experienced. When you have Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball, does it really matter who’s receiving? The Packers are pretty stacked offensively so they can afford to see a strong performer walk in free agency (wouldn’t that be nice?). They’ve built up a roster of performers, something the Jacksonville Jaguars are also hoping to do over time.

Cobb, however, would be able to come right in and lead a very young receiving corps for the Jags. He would be the most dependable and explosive player wherever he lines up, hopefully opening up opportunities for the young players to come in and succeed in other roles. Blake Bortles certainly wouldn’t mind seeing someone like Cobb lining up with the team day in and day out.

Hopefully the Jags won’t get caught up in a bidding war with other teams, especially since the Jags have plenty of other positions to address in free agency. There are reports of them targeting a slew of position groups and GM Dave Caldwell has brought in John Idzik to help with all of the work he anticipates his personnel team will be doing. It’s going to be a big free agency period for the Jaguars. Randall Cobb has got to be at or near the top of their list.

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