Is Randall Cobb Worth $12 Million?


Randall Cobb is looking to make some serious dough in 2015 NFL Free Agency. Just how much? Well, the number appears to be inching up toward $12 million a year for the talented wide receiver.

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If Cobb is really asking for that kind of money, you’ve got to think that the Green Bay Packers are going to balk. We’re talking about a top-flight receiver, sure, but Aaron Rodgers makes anybody look good and, frankly, Cobb isn’t even the best receiver on the team.

To me, this indicates that Cobb is more than likely to hit free agency, giving the Jacksonville Jaguars a serious shot at signing him. I’d love to see the market bring down his value but, as arguably the best free agent receiver available, I imagine his value will only increase. It’s a good thing the Jags have the cash to pony up for him, then. Not a lot of other teams do.

Cobb could be well worth the money. Only seven other guys caught more balls than him in 2014, he racked up the 11th most yards, had the 10th highest percentage of caught targets, and was 10th in average yards after the catch. We’re talking about a receiver who can do it all and is easily among the best at his position. But $12 million a year is pretty much exactly what teams would be paying if he was slapped with a franchise tag for 2015. It’s just $4 million lower than Calvin Johnson’s average payout on his massive contract (and he’s worth every penny). Is Cobb worth that kind of money? This is Mike Wallace kind of money we’re talking about.

Honestly, with inflation and the need for a better receiver for Blake Bortles, this seems like a pretty solid deal for the Jags. They could certainly afford to pay him and at this point they may not be able to afford to pass on him. Right now, Randall Cobb is just 24 and his arrow is pointing nearly straight up. That’s a tough talent to pass on, especially when you can afford to pick him up.