Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency: Hey Big Spender!


Jacksonville Jaguars free agency 2015 may as well be titled: “kid breaks into candy shop.” Right now there are so many options available for the Jaguars that it feels like the team could run from option to option with drool hanging from its mouth. And by team, I mean GM Dave Caldwell. After the franchise tag news came out on Monday, Caldwell’s eyes must have gotten as big as dinner plates.

“Why?” you may ask?

  • He’s got the most cap room in the league to do with as he chooses.
  • He’s got a million holes to fill.
  • There’s a plethora of tempting option in the 2015 NFL Free Agency class

While I’m certain that Caldwell has a plan and little about his plan was altered by the franchise tag news, it’s got to be tempting to blow all the dough available on a few big targets and fill the rest through the draft.

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What we know about Caldwell, however, suggests that won’t happen. While the Jags are expected to be major players during free agency this year, they are likely going to stick to their philosophy of building through the draft and creating a solid foundation for a competitive team for the foreseeable future, not just the next two years.

The Jags don’t want to find themselves trapped in salary cap hell just shortly after adding a bunch of high priced players in 2015.

At this point we aren’t certain where the big free agent splash we’ve been promised will occur. Could it be at defensive tackle? What about wide receiver? Have we all overlooked right tackle? Caldwell likely won’t reveal his strategy until free agency hits.

So, for now, it’s all about speculation. It’s all about finding and coveting those players who could be major game changers for the Jags. Why? Because we the fans know that anything is an option right now. The Jags don’t have to shy away from spending big. The Jags don’t have to be wary of whiffing on their only major free agent acquisition.

The Jacksonville Jaguars free agency bonanza is about to start and, frankly, I’m incredibly excited. I’ll have to work to temper my excitement over the next few days as we inch closer and closer to the actual free agency period, but for now it’s all about those options!

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