Randall Cobb Not Tagged, Jaguars a Hungry Option


Randall Cobbs’ potential arrival at Jacksonville has some of us salivating. We just covered whether or not the wide receiver is a good fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars and today the team took a step closer to realizing a potential union with arguably the best receiver in this year’s free agent class.

Or, more accurately, the Green Bay Packers brought the Jacksonville Jaguars a step closer to landing the standout wide receiver.

Cobb, who was not franchised by the Green Bay Packers and will become an unrestricted free agent, is a tempting free agent pickup for the Jaguars. Last season he put together an impressive campaign with 127 receptions and 1,287 yards. Those numbers would easily beat any receiver the Jaguars currently have on their roster.

In fact, those numbers could beat what many teams have on their roster.

Randall Cobb is so tempting because he has proven he can be the reliable receiving outlet for a quarterback. For blessed quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, it doesn’t really matter as there always seems to be another guy who can catch passes from them. For quarterbacks like Blake Bortles, a receiver like Cobb would be a godsend.

This offseason, the Jaguars can afford to be big spenders at pretty much any position. Whether it’s at running back (where there are many nice options) or more “luxury” options like Ndamukong Suh, the Jags are set up to spend big in free agency. Cobb would be an excellent jewel to add to a list of free agents that could come to Duval. The Jaguars are in a position to spend big this offseason and they shouldn’t shy away from going after one of the best talents available, even with some quality young receivers waiting in the wings.

Year three of the massive overhaul that GM Dave Caldwell is conducting may finally yield some results. The Jags are looking for quality, dependable pieces to add to their team. They’re looking for stalwart leaders at their positions who can help bring the team success for years to come. Whether the Jags pursue Cobb (which they should) or not will largely depend on that outlook. In my eyes, they remain a hungry option.

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