Fox Bold Prediction: Justin Blackmon Will Lead Jaguars in Receiving Yards/TDs


Justin Blackmon may be coming back in 2015, but not everyone is getting their hopes up.

That doesn’t stop the team at Fox Sports from boldly declaring (way too early) that Justin Blackmon will lead the Jacksonville Jaguars in receiving yards and touchdowns in the 2015 season. Here’s what they had to say:

"SKINNY: 1) We’re taking a giant leap of faith on Blackmon, who’s this close to a lifetime NFL drug ban. He’ll need the league’s approval for reinstatement. 2) From Week 10 of 2012 to Week 8 of the following year, spanning 11 games, Blackmon notched four outings of 90-plus yards, scored five TDs and had nine-plus targets nine times (including 20 against the Broncos in 2013). 3) Citing his last eight games, Blackmon averaged seven receptions. 4) All three Jaguars rookie receivers fared better in 2014, with Allen Hurns (51 catches/677 yards/6 TDs), Allen Robinson (48 catches/548 yards/2 TDs) and Marqise Lee (37 catches/422 yards/1 TD) showing flashes of potential. 5) Adding to the degree of difficulty here, Jacksonville will likely target another receiver from this draft — perhaps Kevin White, DeVante Parker, Jaelen Strong or Ty Montgomery."

While I doubt the Jaguars will go after another receiver in this year’s draft (especially if Blackmon comes back), the optimism in the short snippet on Blackmon certainly gets me excited for what may occur in the 2015 season.

We’re still over a month away from NFL free agency, so a lot could change by then, but if we’re looking for a breakout, dependable star in Blackmon then the Jaguars may be left hanging by a thread.

Dreaming big is nice and all, but the Jaguars aren’t waiting around for Blackmon (and shouldn’t be) and have plenty of young receivers who could develop into quality receiving targets for years to come.

That said, if a single prediction from Fox’s 11 way-to-early bold predictions comes true, I hope it’s this one. There would be little better than seeing Justin Blackmon come back and have a statement year with QB Blake Bortles tossing him the ball.