Demaryius Thomas: The Free Agent Splash The Jaguars Need?


Demaryius Thomas is going to be an expensive wide receiver for the Denver Broncos to hold onto this offseason.

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They should make every effort to keep him there, especially as Peyton Manning may need to rely on quality receiver play as he gets older.

While the Broncos would love to have him back, it’s certainly possible that Thomas could depart Denver in search of something better. He’ll command a big price and he should be worth it for any team willing to pay him.

Enter the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars had a quality trio of young receivers emerge in 2014 and, as they progress, veteran, oft-injured receiver Cecil Shorts III may become expendable. Putting another quality veteran in his place would be a good move for the Jaguars.

The Jags under GM Dave Caldwell have made it clear that they intend to spend some money this offseason in free agency. While Caldwell will keep his cards close to his vest until signings are announced, it is a tempting thought to bring in someone like Thomas who can immediately make the receiving corps take a giant leap forward. Even if the Jags get Justin Blackmon back, having Thomas on the field can only strengthen the passing game and help Blake Bortles develop in a new system.

So, is Demaryius Thomas the answer?

That really depend what the question is. Do the Jaguars actually feel that they need receiver help? From my point of view, it isn’t a major priority. If the team does choose to part ways with Shorts, however, then bringing in a veteran presence will be critical. A free agent signing like Thomas would be much more likely than spending another draft pick this offseason on another young, unproven receiver who would face a sharp learning curve. As stated by Ken Hornack of Fox Sports:

"After getting a combined 85 receptions from Robinson and Lee while discovering a diamond in the rough in Hurns, it’s hard to imagine spending a pick on a wide receiver unless the Jaguars whiff in free agency and Blackmon is not reinstated."

Not getting Thomas (if he is a priority) would certainly be considered a whiff.

Bringing in someone of his caliber would be a major gain.

Would someone like Thomas come to the Jaguars, though? Thomas would be leaving a Super Bowl caliber team with a hall of fame quarterback for a team that is struggling to get on the same page still.

The money would certainly have to be right for Thomas to do that.

It’s a good thing Caldwell wants to make a splash!

What do you think? Do the Jags need a stud receiver like Thomas in free agency? Are the Jags better off sticking with their young receivers currently?