OT Austin Pasztor’s Injury: What it Means


Starting offensive tackle Austin Pasztor was injured in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ game against the New York Giants on Sunday. The right tackle could miss the rest of the season, per the team’s website.

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That’s rough news for the Jaguars, who struggled earlier in the season without a consistent presence at right tackle while Pasztor was injured.

Pasztor is not the best tackle in the league (PFF grades him at 53rd out of 77 tackles who have taken at least 25% of snaps in 2014), but he has provided some much needed stability. Cameron Bradfield started in his absence but was cut by the team because of poor performance.

Sam Young and Josh Wells are the most likely replacements for Pasztor going forward. Wells filled in for him after his injury during the game, providing consistent play and grading out well against the pass. He has played 104 snaps this season, seeing significant time in weeks eight (at left tackle) and thirteen. He played much better in the second game at the right tackle position and has allowed just one QB hurry so far. Young started at right tackle following Bradfield’s departure. Since Pasztor’s return he has seen no action. He had a decent game against the San Diego Chargers and has only allowed a QB hit so far this season.

Both players could prove to be improvements over second-year player Pasztor. Pasztor has struggled at times, allowing four sacks, three QB hits, and 13 QB hurries in his 500 snaps.

The key for the Jaguars in replacing Pasztor will be selecting someone to be there consistently. They should seek to find someone who can fill the role and then keep him there as the offensive line needs to be a cohesive unit. Both players could set themselves up  to compete for the spot next year if they have even standard play at the position to finish out the season. Pasztor has been a 20 game starter for the last two seasons, but if he continues to struggle with injures and the other tackles prove to be more reliable options with better performances, then the job could be one of theirs.

I say, bring on the competition and I hope that one or the other will be an effective member and help the struggling o-line develop.

The only direction I see from this injury is up, as the Jaguars have struggled along the offensive line most of the season and it’ll be better to see some new(er) faces and how they can perform.

Thanks to Pro Football Focus for their grading, showing us that Pasztor could be replaced.