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Blake Bortles, Worst Rookie QB Under Pressure Part 2


As promised in earlier today’s analysis of rookie quarterbacks under pressure, with updated information comes another note on how Blake Bortles is doing under pressure.

Pro Football Focus has released their grades and information for week 10 (subscription required) and while things were pretty tight for the rookie quarterbacks when looking at their statistics under pressure before, Blake Bortles ahs done a bit of a freefall when compared to his peers following week 10.

Teddy Bridgewater was able to avoid improving or hurting his stats with a bye week in week 10.

Zach Mettenberger and Derek Carr, however, improved on their numbers in their losses on Sunday.

Here are the way things looked after week nine:

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Unfortunately for Bortles, he was sacked four more times and didn’t add any touchdowns to his non-existent touchdowns under pressure. However, he didn’t throw another interception under pressure. His completion percentage under pressure now stands at 42.6%. His QB rating sunk lower to 30.9.

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Mettenberger (who had the smallest body of work), meanwhile, rose up to 56.9 in QB ranking. His completion percentage dropped to just 50% while he took another five sacks.

Carr rose up to 62.4. Carr added two touchdowns and an interception to his resume when under pressure, which is a pretty solid improvement. He also improved his completion percentage to 48.1% when under pressure.

While there are certainly some things to look at that are positive for Bortles, he’s struggling under pressure still and the eye test (and now the numbers) against the Dallas Cowboys showed it. In the big picture, none of the rookie quarterbacks in the NFL are doing super well against pressure right now and have QB ratings below 70. If we’re going to put on rose colored glasses, we can look at the numbers and say that Bortles simply has more room to grow.

Personally, I think he’ll grow into his role quite well.