TCU QB Andy Dalton, The Draft Study

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What People Are Saying

CBS Sports:

positive: Intelligent passer who can audible at the line. Durable leader for whom teammates will play.

negative: Usually catch-and-throw passer from shotgun, makes some poor decisions when primary receiver is covered.

Yahoo! Sports’ Doug Farrar:

positive:  The “intangibles” argument is legitimate with Dalton — he is a tough, intelligent leader with great production and a winning spirit that will permeate his offense if he can find a way to succeed in the NFL.

negative: Dalton does not possess the intermediate velocity to make those throws even in an offense that specializes in them, and with the receivers to make them happen. During Senior Bowl week, he had a real problem keeping longer passes on track when the wind kicked up.

Dan Kadar, Mocking The Draft:

positive: Dalton’s strength as a passer is his accuracy. He consistently places the ball in an area that only his receiver can make the catch

negative: There are questions about his ability to push the ball up-field. Threw passes of 60-yards in the air during Pro Day, but this was in shorts and without wind. Dalton will not be a big-arm quarterback in a vertical system. He has the arm strength to throw go routes and out patterns but relies more on timing to make his throws. The ball will float down the seam too often

Sideline Scouting:

positive: Throws well while scrambling…Sells the pump fake

negative: Sometimes looks to run too early rather than keeping his eyes downfield to make a throw

The 3-4:

positive: Dalton improved his completion percentage, yards per attempt, TD/INT ratio, passer rating, and lowered his sack total in each consecutive year

negative: this QB lacks elite arm strength and was rarely called upon to throw deep passes outside the numbers and downfield

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