TCU QB Andy Dalton, The Draft Study

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Andy Dalton highlights vs Wisconsin in Rose Bowl

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What I’m Sayin:

He has the “it factor” it’s obvious in his obsession to be correct on every play. CBS sports mentioned on their scouting report that Dalton is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. The question remains: Does he have the tangibles? Can he throw it hard enough for the NFL?

I think Dalton could easily be a first rounder, it just comes down to how obsessed teams get with the arm strength issue. Think of it this way: Drew Brees is in a system that doesn’t need him to make a Jay Cutler/Ryan Mallet throw. It hides that and lets him do what he does best: out-think the defense. Dalton can do this. Find the right offense to scheme correctly and you got a potential star.

Could he work for the Jaguars? Absolutely he could.

Thanks for your time,

-Brandon Clark