TCU QB Andy Dalton, The Draft Study

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A Winner

Pictured above, Dalton holding the Rose Bowl trophy.

Pre-game Quote from ESPN:

"Would it be enough to lay claim to their own national championship? TCU senior quarterback Andy Dalton seems to think so. “You know, I think that we did everything that we’re capable of doing. That’s how we’ve taken this whole season is we can’t control anything else,” said Dalton, TCU’s all-time wins leader. “We’ve got to go out and just play our game and control what we can control. So you know, if we do end up undefeated, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be national champions.”Andy Dalton Stats:"

  • 15/23 for 219 yards
  • 1 pass TD, 0 INT
  • 9 ATT, 28 yards rushing
  • 1 rush TD

He’s a winner so far, that we know for sure. Let’s go over this again, Dalton is 68-11 since his junior season of high school, including that impressive 3-1 record in bowl games.

Now that I’ve pointed it out a few times, let’s see what people are sayin…..