TCU QB Andy Dalton, The Draft Study

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First of all, how cool is that photo? And in case you don’t know, TCU stands for Texas Christian University. It’s a little long to go in the title.

Now, for the entirety of the draft season, we have seen how Dalton has been rated. It goes something like this:

"Dalton, ya know he’s one of those guys thats gonna be alright, nothing special. Real accurate like Drew Brees but not a strong arm (also like Brees). I don’t really know. He will probably be a career backup and maybe do ok in spot work. Im guessing mid-2nd round for this guy."

How boring does that sound? The Brees comparisons confuse me. How does a guy draw comparisons to Drew Brees and end up in second round grading, also like Brees. I’ll admit, I have only see Dalton play a few times and since I’ve been living without internet over the last few months, I’m in an ignorant state. I did, however, watch him on “Grudens QB Camp” on ESPN. I came away wowed. I was writing my Ryan Mallet Draft Study at the time and was really wanting Mallet on the Jags, but we’ll save that argument for later. Regardless, I immediately knew that Dalton had that enigma of an “it factor” that everyone wants QB’s to have. Let’s see if I’m right, I really have no idea.

Dalton on “Grudens QB Camp” link to ESPN.