TCU QB Andy Dalton, The Draft Study

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High School

I keep bringing up the high school years on these prospects not because their high school years determine draft stock in any way but because I simply find it interesting to watch the development.

Andy Dalton went to Katy High School in Texas. If you’re not from The South, and I am, then let me explain. Football is all but a religion. This is only heightened in Texas. If you survive Texas football while in high school, and by survive I mean keep the masses happy with your play, then and only then do you have a chance.

TCU’s website fills us in:

  • The Houston Chronicle Greater Houston Area Offensive Player of the Year
  • a finalist for both Texas Football 5A Player of the Year and the Touchdown Club Greater Houston Offensive Player of the Year
  • named to Max Emfinger’s National Super 100 Playmakers
  • Texas High School Football Top 200 players
  • posted the district’s highest quarterback rating as a junior and senior
  • a career 52.0 percent passer for 3,555 yards, 52 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.
  • was 38-of-67 (56.7 percent) for 678 yards as a junior when Katy went 12-2 and advanced to the Texas 5A quarterfinals
  • completed 53.4 percent (161-of-254) of his pass attempts for 2,877 yards with 42 touchdowns and 15 interceptions as a senior … led Katy to a 14-1 record and the Texas 5A finals

Now, I know the argument that “hes a winner” can only go so far. The player (not to be Bill Parcells) can only do so much and just because he won in his past doesn’t mean he will win in the future, BUT winning makes a habit and builds a disgust for losing. I saw that in Dalton when Gruden brought up a bad play. Dalton looked FURIOUS with himself for throwing to the wrong WR. It wasn’t that the play was bad, it just wasn’t what it could be. Noted, right?

JR and SR high school season records: 26-3