Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, The Draft Study

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Ryan Mallett is one of the more intriguing prospects in this draft. Sports Science, a show that tests the limits and the science of sports and the athletes that play them, tested Mallets arm strength and found out two intriguing things: 1) His release point is 8 feet high and 2) He threw the ball 65.4 mph (click for video). Now that you’re interested, let’s do a study on Mallet. We’re going to go through as absolutely much as we can to figure out how good Mallett is both on and off the field. We know he has an arm, but is it more similar to Brett Favre or Jamarcus Russel?

At the NFL Combine, in 2011, Mallett measured in at 6’7″, 253 lbs.

Let’s first look at the cover of the book:

According to Mallets own website, Mallett:

“Started for Class 4A Texarkana (Texas) High in the playoffs as a ninth-grader. Father was a former coach in Arkansas, and is now an assistant at Texas High. A 2006 Elite 11 selection.”

As you can see, Mallett has the background from both home and high school. His dad was a coach and he started under pressure situations as early as the 9th grade, this sounds like a basis for a winner in the NFL . Let’s move on to the University of Michigan, where Mallett started a few games as a freshman.