Thoughts before the Monday Night game

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Similar team- where are the differences?

Let’s play a little game: which team I talking about?

I am thinking about a team which has an inconsistent QB with a star RB; (who sometimes struggles compared to last year); a young WR unit and a strong offensive line which sometimes has issues. The defensive line is playing well; the LB unit is solid; and they have troubles at the secondary. The Nr. 1 CB production is falling compared to the previous seasons. The team is physical and was built to win upfront. It has a pretty accurate kicker; above average special teams and the head coach is a former LB who played for the Trojans in college. Any guess?  Well it looks like we have 2 good answers: Jaguars AND Titans.

Yes the teams are almost a mirror image of each other right now in almost everything. What are the differences then? I have 2 for each side. For Titans I think the difference is that they can trust their star RB Chris Johnson more then the Jaguars can trust Maurice Jones-Drew. Chris Johnson will be a huge factor in this game. I have –sadly- doubts about Maurice because of his injuries. I think the Titans run defense will stop (or at least limit him pretty well). Meanwhile I think even if the Jaguars will be able to limit CJ but he will make plays. The other area where I see an advantage for the Titans is the defense. I think they will take away MJD and will force David Garrard (once again) to beat them in the air (which most of the time worked against him in the past). David is key for this game; he must play his best in the season or the Jaguars will lose this game.

I see 2 advantages on the home team’s side. One is special teams. I think the starting field position will be a huge factor in this game. We will see how good Karim is. If he can repeat the success he had against the Bills; he was a steal in the 6thround. Also I expect big things from Osgood and co too. The other advantage is the TE position; and especially Marcedes Lewis. He is against Stephen Tulloch and will be the 3rdbiggest match up of the game. If he can make big plays against the best Titans LB; the Jaguars can win this game. Marcedes can earn another big bonus to his upcoming big contract on Monday night. And I hope Zach Miller will show up too…